Poetry by Eldor

Pentecost 2020

Amidst Violent Racial Protests
by Eldor Kaiser

O Holy Spirit, come to me;
let me be, forgiven, free.
Come and brush my tears away,
turn my midnight into day.
Long years ago you gave me faith;
promised that you’d keep me safe.
Now in this dark and troubled time,
sing to me; make my days rhyme.
Today I pray for gifts of love,
O Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove;
and add to love the gift of peace;
let strife and COVID 19 cease.
Let all who love you live in Peace;
Let kindness, love and care increase.
Let Justice reign throughout our land
and racial hatred here be banned.
O Holy Spirit, on this day,
we praise you for your gentle way.
You offer us a clear, free choice,
to ignore or hear your voice.
Now, Gentle Spirit, give us power,
to turn to God in this late hour.
And load with love our lives, we pray.
O Spirit, come, without delay!
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