Poetry by Eldor

I Looked at a Flower

 by Eldor Kaiser

I looked at a flower and saw each part;
I marveled at the way it grows.
Each flower is a lovely work of art,
So dainty, fragile, gracefulness it shows.
Tell me, how did flowers start?
One flower’s a trumpet with a tail,
Another’s like a bell or like a cup.
Some are colored brightly, others pale;
From its seed, the same kind will come up.
Can you a flower’s mysteries unveil?
One flower needs a bee to pollenate,
Another needs a special kind of fly.
The pollen with pistil must integrate,
Or soon the species will fade and die.
Was this by chance or did God create?
Who can see a flower and not be awed?
Look closely and see each perfect part,
And then you’ll feel you must applaud,
I looked closely at that living art,
And when I looked, I saw the face of God.


 by Eldor Kaiser

I see the floor an awful lot
for I’m stooped over, bent.
When I walk my head goes down.
I wonder where my straight
back went.
But I am more than that.
I once walked with nice long strides
and mountains I could climb,
but now a walker holds me up,
and walking’s not sublime.
But I am more than that.
My hearing once was very
sharp —
could understand a whisper.
But now I put in hearing aids
and wish that all spoke crisper.
But I am more than that.
I once could spot an antelope
far out on the prairie
But now I cannot read a book,
my eyes are so contrary.
But I am more than that.
Once I remembered the long past
and yesterday as well.
Now I can’t remember
what I just tried to tell.
But I am more than that.
There is much that I can’t do,
but I still have some charm and wit;
and I can sing a little bit.
I still laugh and cry – have feelings, too,
Yes, I am More.
I’m more than what I cannot do
as through these aging years I plod.
I can be happy as a child
for I still am — a child of God.
And that is More, much More.
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