Poetry by Linda

God Has a Plan

 by Linda Wendlandt

This Pandemic is causing me to feel sad.
It seems like the whole Earth is going quite mad.
The isolation itself is becoming harder to bear.
And I miss our Church where there are people who care.

I talk with our God every day.
This helps make things better in some way.
I stay sheltered in place with my husband and dog.
And God helps me to find a way through this fog.

Covid 19 has changed our world very much.
It causes loneliness because no longer can we touch.
Surely God has good plans for our future down here.
Until then, His never-ending love decreases my fear.

So far I’ve been able to keep myself busy.
Maintaining house and yard are therapeutic for me.
I always feel so much closer to God when I am outside.
I like trimming His garden as I keep Him in mind.

We live on a hill with several stone paths all around.
My husband made tiers to hold back the slanted ground.
I was trimming stepping-stones that go through our woods.
And I was being very careful to be mindful of where I stood.

I worked my way up the stones, setting my feet firmly with each stance.
Things were going well when suddenly I felt a loss of balance.
I was terrified of falling down through all the rocks and the trees.
My last thought was to look upwards and just say “Jesus please!”

My eyes then closed as I braced for the upcoming pain.
Everything was in blackness as I spilled down the terrain.
I remember nothing of the tumble except that it had an end.
I shook myself alert and then I saw the place where I had been.

I was surprised at the distance and that I was actually unhurt.
I slowly stood up and brushed off the leaves and the dirt.
I looked to the sky yelling “Thank You God and sweet Jesus!”
God had definitely saved me when I needed it so much.

So God is always there when you need Him the most.
And I will believe in this truth and of Jesus I’ll boast.
Pandemic or not, I’m not afraid of the future as a Christian.
God has a plan for us with each new day that we begin.

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