Poetry by Linda

Keep Up Your Faith

 by Linda Wendlandt

Truly our lives are being challenged right now.
We are forced to face an enemy that we can’t even see.
This Corona Virus is affecting everyone we know,
and the resultant Pandemic is very stressful indeed.


The isolation measures we take may slow down the spread,
but Covid 19 will probably always be with us.
This disease obviously prefers to invade humans as hosts,
and a vaccine for our survival is a critical must.


The demands of quarantine are very far-reaching,
affecting both the physical and the social well being.
This virus is killing more people every day,
and we are far from our goal to be healing.


We are all stuck here on this one planet,
and there’s no where to run from this plight.
We all must cooperate to face this together,
and hatred of others we must learn how to fight.


Every day the news is filled with people in protest,
and Mother Nature has added stressors on Her own.
The Earth is suffering from misuse and mishandling,
and it is time we notice and clean up our home.


We need someone to turn to in our time of need,
because politicians can’t seem to get this thing done.
God is always still there to give us new hope,
if we believe in the words of His Son.


Our churches may be closed because of disease,
but prayers to the Lord we must never abandon.
Look up to Jesus for your reason to be here,
and keep helping others until it is won.

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