Poetry by Linda

We Are in “This” Together

 by Linda Wendlandt

We are now living in the middle of a serious pandemic.
The whole world is confused and is becoming quite sick.
It’s a frightening thing to watch and a worse thing to live through.
But we know our God gives us hope and cares for us too.

We can help stop this virus by voluntarily sheltering in place.
The resultant isolation may be stressful, but please keep your faith.
It can be depressing when we cannot touch and must wear face masks.
And sharing a good handshake is probably a thing of the past.

We must learn to stay connected, somehow in our faith.
More now than ever, as we’re forced apart and must wait.
We need to trust in God’s promises and follow the words of Jesus Christ.
Our eventual salvation is assured, because He already paid the full price.

I was asked to share my thoughts through the Messenger at Church.
Trinity Lutheran offers this blessing as we worry and search.
These times are demanding and they’re causing much fear.
Hang on to the Lord Jesus who will always be near.

Every morning I wake up to the uncertainties of this time.
I start to feel a threat in both my body and in my mind.
I give those worries to my God as I know Him to be.
Then I ask the Lord Jesus to come inside and comfort me.

This pandemic will eventually come to an end.
Things will be restructured, and our lives will amend.
In the meantime stay safe and secure in your home.
And know that you are loved and that you’re never alone.

Dear Lord Jesus We Are Praying to You

 by Linda Wendlandt

This pandemic is a frightful thing for us to have to endure.
We sit and wait in isolation until scientists can find a cure.
We pray to the Lord Jesus to watch over our bodies and minds.
And hope a deliverance from this will happen shortly in good time.

We’ve all been sequestered at home in our own specific place.
We’re doing our best to keep away and give others their separate space.
The resultant “cabin fever” is a stressful situation to us all.
We’re uneasy with this new life as we feel backed against a wall.

Please Jesus be our companion, especially right now.
Come into our heart and soul, giving us hope with Your vow.
Reassure us with Your promises of love and comfort too.
Remind us of our salvation and guide us to see this thing through.

Help us learn new ways to keep in touch and share in our faith.
The Trinity Lutheran Messenger is a place to turn to while we wait.
Sharing thoughts and feelings can be helpful during times of duress.
Just knowing that we stand together makes us put forth our very best.

I wake up each morning and nothing seems to have changed.
Although the church building is closed, I still have a hope that remains.
My faith in Jesus Christ will sustain me through all of this.
Thank God for the people who are working out there at a risk.

May the understanding of God strengthen our resolve.
May He influence the scientists who are trying to solve.
May Jesus be beside us for whatever comes our way.
And may people be safe until there comes a better day.


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