November 7-9, Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool went through the re-accreditation process with National Lutheran Schools Accreditation. To be recommended for accreditation, we must earn a score of 80% or higher based upon 10 standards and over 300 indicators. Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool’s score was 97.86%. This summer, the report will be reviewed by the NLSA and officially approved. Here are highlights of what the accreditation team noted:

Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool’s Strengths

  • Highly qualified and experienced personnel
  • A church that provides financial (facility, utilities, cleaning, etc…) and spiritual support for the preschool
  • A governance model that provides both support and autonomy for leaders and ministries to flourish
  • An abundance of well-maintained materials and resources that support the preschool curriculum

Recommendations for Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool

  • Encourage all teachers to belong to an early childhood professional organization
  • Share the School Action Plan with families and stakeholders
  • Continue to seek topics and approaches to offer educational opportunities that are relevant to families
  • Use more opportunities to communicate the school’s mission statement

The accreditation process is intense but beneficial. Over the next 4-5 years, we will address the recommendations and become an even stronger Lutheran preschool. We are grateful to be an outreach ministry of the church and look forward to many years of serving the community.

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