by Pastor Ben Vineyard

I, Pastor Ben, love the season of Lent. The daffodils in my mother’s yard were always a first sign of the changing season. Light overcame more of the darkness as days lengthened day by day. The symbols of the season led to noticing elements of the spiritual life. Lent always finds me in renewed reading. The sunlight, the warmth, and the wintery setbacks that surprise us in March all weave together in a renewed life of prayer. This is my experience.

Prayer is not the only arrival or emergence. Questions come along too. I learned not long ago that Lent was the ancient season of “catechesis” or deeper theological study. This often culminated in an intense affirmation of faith on Holy Saturday where those new to the faith were baptized at midnight, dying with Christ and rising with Christ. This image strikes me years later and now Lent for me, along with a warmer life of prayer, is a season of study and wrestling.

I would like to journey together in this season. I’ll share some prompts for thought, prayer, and reading. Sign up for this at if you want an email copy sent to you every day in Lent. I will also print booklets and make them available at both campuses. Sign up today!

May our hearts be ever opened by the Spirit of God, that we might be brought to the Father through faith in the Son, always trusting, always walking side by side. Always, until Christ returns. Peace to you, through Jesus our Savior.


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