Mondays, 6pm
June 5 – August 21
Shawnee Campus

Regardless of where you are on the divorce journey, this life-changing group helps you take stock of where you are and gives you the tools to get where you want to be. You will find connections, support, and practical strategies for healing, finding your new vision and taking the steps to make that vision a reality. RADiCAL is a 10-week support group and course for women struggling with a midlife divorce. These groups aren’t about just moaning and groaning about how sad things are, but grabbing life by the horns again and creating a new future through leaning into God’s grace and leaning into conversation with one another. For more information, visit radicalrecovery.org.

Class begins June 5, at 6pm at the Shawnee Campus. Classes will be led by Erin Anderson.


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