What a joy to have been able to take a sabbatical this past summer! Now that I am back, I wanted to share with you just a small glimpse of how I spent the time. The theme of my sabbatical was “Reconnect,” and it focused on three major areas:


Reconnect with God

The first goal of my sabbatical was to rekindle and strengthen my relationship with God as His child, and not just as a worker in his vineyard. This involved more time in daily devotions, reading several books on spiritual growth, and taking a 48 hour prayer retreat. It also involved participating in a spiritual growth group with a few other trusted friends.

Reconnect with the Physical World

The second major goal of my sabbatical was connect with the physical world in ways that had been neglected in the last five years. This meant primarily two things for me. First, spending time in God’s creation, which nourishes my soul. Second, becoming more physically active and fit.

Reconnect with Family and Friends

The third area was to reconnect and strengthen some personal relationships. I was able to spend both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with my parents (a first in many, many years), and spend time caring for them as they adjust to my dad’s recent cancer diagnosis. I was also able to take a fabulous family vacation with Rebeka and the kids out to Colorado to enjoy God’s creation.



Thank you, thank you for this time away to rest and refresh. And now that I’m back, it’s time to “Reconnect” with you. I would love the chance to visit with you, to find out how God has been at work in your life, and what he is stirring in you as we move towards the fall. Please feel free to drop me a line or stop by and say “hi” as you are able.
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