“Go therefore and make disciples . . .”

–Matthew 28:19a

The Missions Committee is sponsoring a Reverse Giving event on the weekend of April 21 and 22.  Envelopes with small amounts of cash will be distributed to everyone in attendance at each worship service at both campuses. The instruction is to use the money to be a blessing to someone else and to spread Jesus’ love. A few weeks later, on May 13, we will hear your praise reports in worship. Be ready to bring your stories about how you used the money to be a blessing to someone else.  If you would like to submit a praise report via email, please send it to TLCinfo@tlcms.org. A total of $4,000 is being distributed. What a unique opportunity to be Jesus’ hands and feet in the community!

Please note: The email address originally published was not working. Please send praise reports to TLCinfo@tlcms.org.

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