Several people have asked “What can we do to help the families at Rushton during COVID-19?”

I have been in communication with the social worker at Rushton Elementary and we are working closely together on ways to assist moving forward. The district is currently working on plans to increase meal deliveries and remove the transportation barrier that currently exists by only being able to offer meals at four SMSD locations. The nearest one to Rushton students is Hocker Grove Middle School in Merriam.

The district social workers are still figuring out what they specifically need in their locations. They believe the greater need will begin in a week or two as this time from spring break stretches on. We are looking at a number of options to assist Rushton families and will share those with you as soon as we can.

As of now, they said the best way to support is prayers for their families and staff, for everyone to follow the stay-at-home orders as they can, and for everyone to be safe.

Rhonda Synovec
Children Family Minister

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