Water intrusion in the basement of the church, specifically the Faith Factory room and Senior High room, has been a problem in the past, and continues to be one now. Plans have been formulated, and dates set, to jack hammer a portion of the floors in those two rooms, and install drain pipes to channel the water to sump pumps.  However, there’s a certain amount of demolition that needs to take place, and since we good members of Trinity have shown the ability to demolish stuff with the best of ’em, a work day has been scheduled for Saturday, October 26, from 9am to noon.

The demolition involves removing all the PVC pipes, brackets, old a/c units, and wood trim along the south wall of the Senior High room, and the same along the north wall, and a short section on the east wall in the Faith Factory room. Please bring a hammer, pry bar, gloves, and safety glasses.

Depending on the turnout, we very possibly can get the work down within the three-hour time frame. Hopefully that will be the case. I would appreciate a response, either to my email address, bguerry612@gmail.com, or call me at 913-268-7116.

In the past, response from volunteers for this type of work has been outstanding. There’s no reason to believe this project will be any different.

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