Would you like a seasonal way to serve the church that enhances festival worship?

Each year at the Mission campus Trinity celebrates three special holidays with seasonal flowers. For Christmas the chancel is adorned with poinsettias, also known as the Christmas Star or Christmas Flower, to celebrate the festive occasion. For Easter we decorate with white Easter lilies to symbolize the washing away of our sins and new birth in the Gospel. The poinsettias and lilies are then typically donated to homebound or ill members. For Pentecost we decorate the chancel with red flowers that symbolize the fire of the Holy Spirit. These flowers are then planted in the entry gardens to enjoy all season long.
Trinity is looking for a volunteer who will organize the purchase, placement, and donation of these flowers. During the pandemic, Gretchen temporarily took over these duties during very busy seasons in the church office. This person will work with the church office to make sure we can continue to provide this worship enhancement. No previous experience is needed and you will be fully trained.
If you are interested, please contact Gretchen – and God Bless You!
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