What a wonderful group of fun-loving, motivated, and active children of God Trinity has! Our members sixty and older give freely of their time and treasure. Did you know that at least 21 of our weekend readers and communion servers, and 33 of our greeters and welcome center people are seniors? This number does not include members who count money, usher, work on the altar committee, volunteer in the office, and work on the property committee. We as a congregation are blessed by the work God has done through our seniors.

Though we are gladdened to see this involvement, we should not be surprised by it. Neither should we look at this with boastful eyes. You see this is what it means to be a “Community Following Jesus.” Perhaps pride should be replaced with humble gratitude in knowing that the Creator has chosen us to be effective “tools” in His toolbox.

Last July I attended the national convention of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in Milwaukee. It was quite a learning experience. One of the surprising things I learned was that North America was the third largest Mission field for the advancement of Christianity. Our Synod is starting programs to address this challenge. There are pushes to get deeper into the urban core, advance Hispanic and minority ministry, and expand missionary-type programs to take place right here in our own country. I applaud these desires but believe that the Synod is ignoring the church’s greatest asset: you, the Christian senior community.

The seniors of Trinity have demonstrated that spreading God’s love is both meaningful and enjoyable. By volunteering their time and using the gifts God has given them, other people take notice. When they see you living a life of purpose, they look to see how they can capture some of that as well. Giving of yourself has a positive effect in at least three different ways:

  1. When you give to others food, service, or care they are helped in a real physical way.
  2. When you have been noticed serving, others want to do the same. This opens the heart for the Holy Spirit to do His work.
  3. When you see how God is working through you it increases your sense of fulfillment and purpose.

We are the tools in God’s “toolbox.” We are the tools He uses to spread the Gospel message of love and salvation. What greater privilege can we have than to be a tool used by the Master craftsman to build up His kingdom? Do you know what kind of tool you are? Are you being well used?



In 2017 we are focusing on being well used and cared for tools. God’s workshop here will be an enjoyable place, an innovative place, a meaningful place. It is a place where we work to further the Master’s design. We want to help you be the best tool possible. Not all of us are hammers, some of us are planes. Some of us may be plows and some pruners. Have you ever mused about a project or ministry you wanted to pursue, but didn’t know how to get started? We are here to help you find a way to “give it a go.” Our goal is to help you realize your God-given gifts and purpose. I pray God’s work through you will be fun, exciting, and rewarding.


Tool Instruction Manuals

February 24
Speaker Series Talk
What do you want to do with the rest of your life?
Rev. Lee Hovel
2pm |  Mission Sanctuary

March 10
Speaker Series Talk
All about Hospice
2pm | Mission Sanctuary

Newly and Soon to be Retired Workshop


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