Back Stage Look: Spire American Spiritual Concert

Friday, September 15, 2pm, Mission Campus

On September 15 at 2pm at the Trinity Mission Campus, Trinity’s Senior Ministry will host a pre-concert look at Spire’s “The Spiritual: America’s First Art Form” concert. Spire’s conductor and Trinity Director of Music and Arts Ben Spalding, will talk about the history of the American spiritual. He will also give us a behind the scenes look at their upcoming concert.  Who knows, there might even be a surprise guest!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the concert and America’s home-grown art form, the American Spiritual.  The afternoon Friday is free and is open to all.

The concert will be performed at 7:30pm, Saturday, September 16, at Westport Presbyterian Church and 3pm, Sunday, September 17, at Trinity Lutheran Church.  Concert tickets are $25.00.


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