Eric Paul Justin, MD, MPH, MBA

Greetings! Hopefully you and yours are well. My name is Eric Paul Justin. I am a retired physician. My wife Debra Lueck-Justin and I have been members at Trinity for about 8 years. Mr. Tom Perry invited me to contribute what will hopefully be helpful information.

Right now the novel coronavirus (also referred to as COVID-19) is foremost on our minds. Everyone has questions! And you should. As we learn more about this virus and the disease COVID-19 the answer from a day ago may have already changed. And that is a big part of the problem we all face with a novel or new virus. That means our bodies or immune systems more specifically have no prior history with this virus. It means we are all in the ‘same boat.’ And until medicines and hopefully one or more vaccines are developed and proven safe and effective we must focus on what helps our families, our friends, and our community as well as ourselves to avoid contracting this terrible infection.

Below are some links to information that I believe will provide answers to many of the questions you may have. These are stressful times. Information often helps us deal with such stress and anxiety. I hope that is the case now.
The information below was made available to the public on the website for the American Public Health Association of which I am a member. They have aggregated the information from a number of reliable sources. Thus when using some of the links you will actually be using a web page provided by a different organization ie. AARP for information for us older folk.

General information:

Information for Seniors:

FAQs about Coronavirus and COVID-19

What is coronavirus? What is COVID-19?
What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
What can I do to prevent myself and others from getting coronavirus?
How can I prepare myself and family for possible quarantine or isolation?
What should I do if I feel sick?
If a loved one gets sick, how can I care for them?
What do phrases like “community spread” and “social distancing” mean?
Questions about coronavirus or COVID-19? Click here.

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