Hello everybody! It has been quite a week. I thought I would give you some news on some more of our friends and how they are doing. It has been a week of both concern and praise. We were surprised and saddened at the passing of Awad Ismir. The conditions that our country is experiencing makes it much more challenging for Yvonne and her family to say goodbye. Many of us wish that we were able personally be there for them. Yvonne is such a strong woman of faith and I am sure God is holding her close. I am also confident that she can feel the warmth and healing of our prayers. 

Denny Hixson asked me to give all of you an update on Gwen. Gwen has been in the hospital for nearly two weeks or better. She has air leaking from her lungs into her chest cavity. It wasn’t healing on its own, so surgery was needed. The surgery did not go as hoped and was halted. At my last communication they are back to helping it heal on its own. There has been some improvement lately as the doctor told Denny the x-ray looks a little better. Denny has not been able to physically be with her because of the precautions for COVID-19. He must speak and facetime by phone, as well as texting. Prayers are requested. 

I haven’t talked to the Moehlenkamps this week, but if you remember Don is at home recovering from open heart surgery. Prayers are needed for that difficult situation. 

Howard and Roselea Nellis are still living in their motel while work is being done to repair water damage to their home. The work is going slower than expected but at last report the workmeare able to figure out how to do their jobs. 

Dan and Sue Schram are back from Florida. It sounds as if it was an interesting and different trip for them. We are thankful they were able to make the drive back without many complications. 

These are a few of the things that I am aware of what is going on. If you have something you wish to have others know about you, please let me know.  

Blessings to you and stay safe.  


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