Hello everyone!

I hope and pray you are all doing well, staying safe, and are healthy. I have had an enjoyable time calling many of you to see how you are doing. Some of you are just fine and some of you are having challenges. I am continuing to call and often I will ask if I can pass information on to our membership. We are a social and very friendly group who cares about our Trinity friends. The following is a list of a few friends and how they are doing. It is not in a clever form, and maybe I can think of something better later. If you would like to email me how you are doing and let me post it that would be great.

  • Inez Brumley – She is doing just fine. Her family is taking good care of her.
  • Marj Lyon – She is chomping at the bit, wanting to mow her lawn. She refused to do mine.
  • Boehnkes – They say that Tall Grass is taking good care of them.
  • Pastor Ron – He has a bad case of cabin fever. Did you like his devotion? Tell him–Ron@tlcms.org.
  • Schlesselmans – Leo is working on another project. Pray for patience for Jean. 😊
  • Strahm – They seem to be doing well. He wants his Portals of Prayer!
  • Moehlenkamps – Don is recovering at home from open heart surgery.
  • Pattisons – Waiting for the weather to dry up so the John Deere won’t get stuck … again!
  • Litttels – They are doing good. Miss their friends.
  • Kublers – busy, busy, busy, busy

I pray you all stay safe.


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