Things are growing. Things are changing. What will the future of the Shawnee campus look like? Over the past year and a half, a Shawnee Campus Vision Team worked to answer that question, developing a mid-range vision for the future of the Shawnee campus. The results of that process were shared out in a variety of settings this past spring. Since that time, a number of steps have been taken to bring that vision into reality.

Increased parking was identified as a critical need. Several different designs for increased parking capacity were developed. The quickest and easiest of those options is building a staircase up the southern slope, allowing us to make better use of the parking lot at the Montessori school across the road. We are currently in the process of identifying a contractor who can build these stairs. Our hope is to have them built and in use before Christmas.

A Shawnee Campus Development Team has also been formed, comprised of architects, engineers, and builders. The goal of this team is to put some concrete numbers to how much and what kinds of new space we will need to fulfill our vision, and provide an estimate of how much that space will cost. This information will be critical when we move to the next step of retaining an architectural firm and a capital campaign consultant.

Things are growing. Things are changing. It is exciting to see the work that God is doing at Trinity. Please continue to pray that this vision would continue to unfold. More than that, please pray that people would be touched by the love of Jesus through the ministry of Trinity.

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