We Love Because He First Loved Us

On Friday, December 9, twenty-six carolers from Trinity sang at a few of the assisted living facilities in which some of our members live. The age range of the carolers was from 3-90 years old. Though we were not talented enough to sing at Carnegie Hall or try out for Spire, we had fun and our music meant a lot to those hearing of God’s love in the gift of the baby Jesus.

We sang at Overland Park Place where the highlight was our youngest caroler standing on the piano bench and signing as we sang “Away in a Manger.” After singing we shared our Christmas best wishes with our members and the others who came to hear us.

Next we went to the Healthcare Resort of Shawnee Mission and sang there. When asking for requests, one came in for “The Little Drummer Boy.” We did our best and it brought a flood of tears to the lady requesting. We trust it is not because of doing a bad job singing. We noticed one of the workers skyping us on her phone. When asked, she said it was a way she and her mom could share a bit of Christmas. Her mom lives in Mexico!

From there we went to Benton House. They first took us to a memory ward where we sang for approximately ten people. Music had a way of reaching them as we saw them singing along. From there we went into their main room and sang to residents, one of which was Trinity’s own. She was so moved by the experience that she went to the trouble to find my cell number and call and thank us all for coming.

On Sunday one of the carolers told me that her father recently became a resident of a facility similar to where we sang. It is his wish for Christmas that his family sing at these homes as a way of remembering our friends and neighbors. This also has a way of keeping the carolers’ family forefront in their hearts.

It is always amazing to me what God does with simple acts of sharing His love. In singing at a few places the carolers got to know each other better and shared in joyous Christmas fellowship. We were able to renew dialogue with old friends and let friends know we care about them. We brought a bit of Christmas joy to strangers who may not get many opportunities to experience that joy. We were able to help fulfill the wishes of those not even participating and it helped us remember loved ones who were not there. It shows that whether you are three or ninety, God shares His love through you. God is amazing. Merry Christmas!

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