Nearly 100 million Americans are expected to tune in to watch the Super Bowl. Many of them will be hosting or attending parties with abundant food, friendship, and fellowship. At the same time, nearly one billion people will be hungry. Since 1990, young people have been leading the charge and inspiring others to collect dollars and food weeks leading up to the big game. Teaming up with local partners, these groups give 100% of donations to local charities, changing the nation’s largest weekend of football into the largest weekend of caring. Please join us in remembering the hungry this Super Bowl—and bring soup or any food items for MLM.

Some suggestions include:

  • Canned meat/tuna
  • Pasta and sauce
  • Peanut butter, nut butters
  • Jelly in plastic containers
  • Cereal, hot and cold
  • Beans, dry or canned
  • Canned soups, stews, and chili
  • Nuts
  • Canned fruits and vegetables
  • Rice and grains


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