Stewardship Corner

From year to year, we see giving pattern spikes in December and around Easter. This December we experienced very good giving. While giving was about 1.8% down from our December monthly goal, the good news is through the year contributions have been trending on-target or above our budget goals. You might be noticing in the bulletin that year-to-date (YTD) giving is frequently meeting or exceeding budget. This places contributions at 2.8% above the YTD goal. Thank you! Your giving has a direct impact on the ministries of Trinity. We see strong and healthy ministry being accomplished. A few of those highlights are:

  • Missions Outreach– Ministries such as the Mini-Grants, Guatemala mission and trip, Rushton Elementary, and others recommended by the Missions Committee.
  • Preschool – Continues to thrive and has a solid, first rate reputation in the community, providing many opportunities to share Jesus’ love with His little ones and their families.
  • Senior Ministry – The speaker series as well as fellowship functions has strengthened participation and opportunities for service.
  • Over 40 students enrolled in the Confirmation ministry.

We thank you and are grateful for the generosity and support of our members and guests. Our strength and vitality come from God, and He uses us to carry out ministries that impact the lives of others. May His blessing continue to show in your generosity.

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