Thank you from the Preschool

Dear Trinity Congregation,

Our school year began Monday, August 29. We want to begin our new year by thanking our sponsoring congregation. On behalf of the seven staff members and 106 students, THANK YOU for all you do to support Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool!

Thank you for:

The beautiful facility! We love our space and often hear “This is so nice!” when families visit.

The ministry staff! Where would we be without Pastor Mark, Pastor Phil, Larry Conrad, Gretchen Hollman, Barb Estes, and all the staff members who work with us on a regular basis?

The Preschool Board! Their vision has helped our preschool double in size from 2010 and become a well-known and respected program.

The volunteers! Whether it is replacing sheds and changing light bulbs or reading stories and sharing life experiences, your time and talents are invaluable to us.

The donations! Because of generous donations from individuals and the garage sale committee, we have been able to purchase new One in Christ curriculum to use with our students. We also have established a Tuition Assistance account that is available to families in need.

The response to our needs! Our loose parts containers are filled with buttons, keys and the most interesting little trinkets donated by you. Thank you for supporting active learning.

The Candy Fairy! We have been blessed many times with the mysterious appearance of Dove chocolates in our staff room. Thank you, Anonymous Candy Fairy. Chocolate is the way to our hearts.

The prayers! Each staff member has a member praying specifically for them. You show us how much you value us and our mission, and we see how the prayers work in our school and home life.

The list could continue on and on. Our gratitude is heartfelt and unending. We thank God for YOU!

“May the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge, reward you fully for what you have done.” Ruth 2:12

Jo Ann Emerson
Director, Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool

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