November 10, 17 and 24 9:45am
Shawnee Campus

Some say when Advent gets here it feels too late to prepare, to set aside time for contemplating the real meaning of Advent and the coming of Christ. By late November, schedules and life are already swept into the flurry of holiday activity, and many on December 26 look back and wonder where the time went, how their desire to attend to the spiritual meaning of Advent faded in the flurry. If this strikes a chord, you’re invited to a three-week conversation on how to listen to God, be present to others, and make sacred space in our Advent season. Then you’ll be ready to go for the gift of time that Advent is! We will read Scripture together, pray together, and explore various steps and activities for individuals and families to preserve the sacred nature of Advent in our homes and lives.

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