Have you wondered what Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool is up to these days? A lot, actually! While children are at home, the preschool staff is providing the families with:

  • Weekly Learning – Similar to the lesson plans our teachers would use in the classrooms, we are emailing PDF files of each week’s theme. This week is Insects!
  • Online Resources – A curated list of free sites that are appropriate for 3-5 year olds.
  • Bible Stories with Zippy – Zippy, our beloved puppet we use with our worship curriculum, is making weekly video presentations. The whole family can worship together!
  • Drive-Thru Library – With libraries closed, we decided to open ours up. Each week we provide a bag of 10 books to families who choose to drive through. Last week’s first Drive-Thru was attended by over 70 families!
  • Choice Boards – Similar to BINGO, these boards allow our Pre-K students to choose activities that interest them in the areas of reading, language, math, social studies, science and movement!
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