My, how time flies! It has already been more than five years since I arrived at Trinity. In keeping with Trinity’s sabbatical policy, I will be taking a sabbatical, from April 26 through July 25. The goals of my sabbatical are three-fold:

  • Reconnect with God. The first priority of this sabbatical is to spend extended time reconnecting and deepening my relationship with God. This will involve longer daily time in devotion than I can usually afford, an intentional prayer retreat, and a week-long workshop focused on pastoral leadership.
  • Reconnect with the Physical World. We are created as physical beings, not just spirits trapped in bodies. Part of this involves renewing and strengthening daily habits of physical activity that have fallen into disuse. The other part involves spending time in God’s creation, which nourishes my soul.
  • Reconnect with Family and Friends. As relational beings, we are made for community. During this sabbatical, I will spend time connecting with my immediate family of five. I will also spend time caring for my parents, as my dad nears the end of his earthly life. Finally, I will seek to reconnect with significant friendships that have been neglected in the past five years.

I want to thank all of you in advance for your support of Trinity’s sabbatical process, and I will look forward to reconnecting with you after this sabbatical is over.

In Christ,
Pastor Phil

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