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Beginning next week on the Seniors website page, author/member Don Zoller will be sharing some of his writings. In a series presented over the next number of weeks, Don will share some of what he terms divine imagination stories which give a human dimension of what biblical characters’ walk with Jesus might have been. Don has a unique and entertaining style and perspective. I pray that you will be moved by this work as I have been. To read the Walking with Jesus stories visit the Senior Ministry page. Many thanks to Don for sharing his gifts. His introduction to the series is below.

Tom Perry

Before We Start

I wonder what it was like to have been one of the Twelve who for three years walked the dusty roads of ancient Israel with Jesus.  Compelled by Him to follow, each was different in personality and temperament.  A harmonious “band of brothers” they were not—at least not in the beginning.  Each had his reason for following Jesus.  Each seemed to have struggled trying to figure out the One they were called to follow.  Twelve men walking with Jesus . . . and with each other.

Walking With Jesus is a collection of stories about these men—snapshots of their experiences as they might have been.  As stories, these short devotionals use the biblical narrative to frame the event.  As stories, you will not find them in the Bible.  Rather, in keeping with how Jesus taught, they are parables that are placed within the narrative to give a distinct human dimension to their unique experiences. 

The events within each devotional are dressed in divine imagination, and salted with life-teaching and personal applications to benefit the reader.  They are in no particular order except in the sequence that God gave me the inspiration to write them.  Walking With Jesus is for us today—we who, like the Twelve, often struggle in our walk with Him.

Come!  Join me as we together better understand what it is to walk with Jesus.  On this journey, ours is to follow the One who knows where we are going.  The path often appears uncertain, difficult and, at times, perilous.  But He knows each step we take and what is required to bring us to where we need to be.  Let’s start Walking With Jesus.

These parables will appear in the Trinity eNews every other week. I hope they are a blessing to you. 

Look for the first parable on July 31.

Don Zoller

Don Zoller

As an active member of the family at Trinity, Don is a regular contributor to Trinity’s weekly eNews letter. He enjoys writing and has authored several books, including “This Ugly Disease—A Caregiver’s Journey into Pain, Anguish and Hope.” With biblical insights, his writings provide spiritual encouragement for many. His son and daughter-in-law, Graham and Susan, are also members at Trinity.

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