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What is a planning study?

A weekly feature as Trinity prepares for a planning study regarding expanding the Shawnee campus.

What is a planning study?

Think of a planning study as a poll. A planning study involves asking members of a congregation specific questions about a major project under consideration. The results help guide the congregation to make informed decisions about its next steps.

We’ll pose another question and provide its answer next week to help us prepare for our planning study which starts on August 24.

Forward in Faith Capital Campaign

Several years of discussion and planning regarding our space needs at the Shawnee campus have led us to this point: a planning study to determine whether we will take the bold step of addressing our ministry space needs by moving the Shawnee campus to the retail site at Johnson Drive and K-7. We’ve done our homework about why moving the Shawnee campus makes sense. Now, we need to do some more. We need to hear from you.

We have hired the Steier Group, a national fundraising and development company based in Omaha, to conduct our planning study. This study serves as a means for receiving input and gauging whether this proposed move is something that will benefit Trinity’s members and ministries, as well as the Shawnee community. The planning study will begin the week of August 24.

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