Dear Parents,

The events of the last couple of weeks since the death of George Floyd have been difficult ones. First a health pandemic and now the unrest as we face a different kind of pandemic. This one is different, though. It truly is man-made, born from sin and taught or demonstrated in so many different ways. This different pandemic – racism.

As parents, it may seem difficult to talk to our children about this topic but we MUST talk to our children about this. I have provided one resource that I think is well stated and could be helpful. The link is below

We want to hear from you. Please share with us any resources you are using to shape your conversations with your children. Post them on our Children’s Ministry Facebook page. We can all learn from one another.

In this week’s Gospel lesson from Matthew Chapter 10 Jesus sends out the twelve Apostles. He sends them out only to the people of Israel, calling them God’s lost sheep. They are to go on this journey with nothing…nothing! No bag, no extra clothes or shoes, no food, no money. Could you imagine taking a trip like that? Jesus does this knowing they will have to completely trust in Him to provide what they need on this journey. Jesus tells them others will care for them and be ready to hear their message. Others will refuse to welcome them or listen. He tells them they will be handed over to the courts and flogged in the synagogues. They will stand trial for being his followers, BUT this is their opportunity to tell these rulers, leaders, and unbelievers about Jesus. He tells them not to worry about what they will say. God will give them just the right words at just the right time.

Before He sends them, he tells them to “Give as freely as you have received.” Jesus freely shared himself with His apostles. He freely gave to us as well. He paid the price for the sins of the whole world to give us forgiveness of sins and the FREE gift of Eternal Life.

He has called us to do the same, for we have freely received and now it is our response to freely give to others. In this time when we may not know how to respond, what to say or what are the right words – PRAY. Ask God to guide you. LISTEN – listen to those who need to be heard. LOVE – love your neighbor as yourself. GO – go out into the world as the disciples of Jesus trusting in Him to provide just what you need, when you need it.

Your Trinity family is here for you! Please know I am always here to pray with you, to cry with you, to lend a listening ear, to share a laugh with, or whatever you need. 

We continue to be here to encourage, equip, and guide you as you are the “Light of Christ” for your children, family, friends, and neighbors. On the Children’s Ministry page are some ideas/tips/resources to help you lead by faith with your family. Please feel free to contact me any time if I can serve you or your family in any way.    
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