Worship with a Children’s Message

Each Friday you will receive the Trinity Enews. This is where we will share the Worship service with you and each week will have a Children’s Message for you and your children. Participate as a family in worship at home just as you would in our physical church building on a Sunday morning. I guarantee this worship is shorter and may even keep your kiddo’s attention (at least for a few moments anyway). Here is a great post I shared last week – How To Attend Church Online.

Sunday School Corner

We will provide a Sunday School lesson that you may lead with your child(ren). Doing this on a Sunday morning at 9:45 will help keep routines for your child. Of course, the lessons can be done any time or anywhere it is best for your family. Participate with your children, sing the songs, open your Bibles and have then ready.

Starting this Sunday – Palm Sunday through Easter – we encourage you to spend time in the Gospel of John as a family. Read the verses listed below as a family. Have others close their eyes while someone reads, ask them to imagine themselves being in the story, and when you are finished talk about the experience. Ask questions and take time to let everyone answer. Here are some questions you could ask:

  1. Who were you in the story and why?
  2. How did you feel being the person in this story?
  3. What did you see around you?
  4. What else got your attention?


The Readings

  • Palm Sunday – John 12:12-19
  • Maundy Thursday – John 13
  • Good Friday – John 18 – 19
  • Easter Sunday – John 20

Worship Music

GO FISH KID’S MUSIC – https://www.gofishkidsmusic.com/

We are blessed to have so many talented and caring families at Trinity. Mrs. Hawk and her family recorded some worship music to share with us last week and wanted to share them again. Mrs. Hawk leads music at our Mission campus for our younger children. Thank you for this great gift! Enjoy and sing together!



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