​Youth Group! Don’t forget to check out the Group Me link to stay connected and to see all the information I am posting throughout the week! What am I posting there you ask? Great question! You will always be able to find our Zoom Meeting link for our virtual Sunday night meetings-6:30PM, the video link for our Bible study (also posted here), and other little fun things just for us. 🙂

This week in Youth Group we will talk about the feeling of not “fitting in” at church. I am including some of the discussion questions so that you can be thinking about these throughout the week. Have you ever had an experience where you felt like you didn’t belong in church or around Christians? Think about what happened and what other people may have said or did that made you feel like you didn’t belong. What kinds of thoughts/feelings toward the Church and toward God did that lead to? We will discuss all these and more Sunday–“see” you then!

For Parents

“As people who love and care for young people in our church, we can be loving, constant and Christ-centered examples of how to manage difficult times. We can be parents and significant adults who God uses to draw them closer to Him, especially in times of trouble.” Parents, does this quote resonate with you? I pray it does! I am including for you an article that dives deeper into this. I think this is great parental resource, especially now when your student has “suffered the loss” of school ending abruptly, sports seasons cut short, and prom or graduation all but erased from their social calendars.  Even if they don’t show physical signs of sadness, check in on them! Remind them they are a child of God!

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