Once again, the beautiful and meaningful season of Advent is upon us and our theme verse this year is Isaiah 2:5. This year we are again offering a custom Advent devotional booklet written by the Pastors and members of Trinity. The booklet follows the themes of Advent as practiced in our congregation. Each day of the week have an offered piece and each author has a unique style of writing that speaks to his or her individual view of the Advent emotions. We received contributions from both lay and clergy members of Trinity in order to present a variety of perspectives.

Come Let Us Walk in the Light of the Lord

Come Let Us Walk in the Light of the Lord, is written by members and staff of Trinity. The booklet follows the themes of Advent as practiced in our congregation. Each week we will draw closer to the manger following the themes of Walk Aware, Walk in Repentance, Walk Joyfully, Walk Expectantly, and Walk to the Manger. Travel with us, by foot, as we read a new devotion each day from authors you know and love. The theme painting is a creation of Rev. Dr. Matthew Rosebrock of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Lindenwood, IL.

This booklet keeps pace with our worship themes for the four Sundays of Advent.

Adults and Teens

The Fullness of Time by Henri J. M. Nouwen 

Celebrate Advent and draw closer to our Savior through the daily reflections and prayers inspired by Scripture and the spiritual writings of Henri J. M. Nouwen.

Rich, warm and encouraging reflections invite readers to pray each day and encounter Emmanuel, God-with-us. Each devotion begins with a Scripture verse, followed by the words of beloved theological master Henri Nouwen and a reflection from contemporary writer and retreat leader Amy Ekeh. A prayer closes each daily reflection, leading readers to experience a fullness of faith in Christ Jesus.


Countdown to Christmas

Every child in church can create her or his own Advent Wreath centerpiece as we all count down the days until Jesus’ birthday together!

The rhyming devotions in the sticker booklet add to the excitement and anticipation by retelling the Biblical account of the prophets, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and wise men and the Bethlehem angels. Each Sunday, a flame-shaped sticker is added to one of the four Advent candles, brightening the Christmas countdown! Great for ages 4-10.

Children and parents alike will enjoy the sweet, rhyming daily devotions and the attractive Advent Wreath centerpiece to enjoy all season long.


Young Families

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