Recital Guidelines

Trinity is now able to schedule concerts, recitals, or recording sessions provided our COVID guidelines are followed. You will be asked to agree to these guidelines when requesting a recital.

Recital Housekeeping Items

Your event has been scheduled on our master calendar. Heating and air as well as exterior door unlock/lock will be scheduled based on your requested event times.

  • Note about door locks – We use an electronic system. The left most door (as you enter) is electronically controlled. Crash bars on all other doors will be locked after hours.
  • To avoid confusion, please advise your guests to use the left most door when arriving.

We ask that you respect and perform the following housekeeping items:

  • No sections of the altar furniture, candles, or platform may be re-positioned.
  • When moving the piano, two people should gently roll applying slight upward pressure. This will prevent major scrapes on our sanctuary floor.
  • All lights should be turned off in the sanctuary and lobby when you exit. If you are unfamiliar with our space, please inquire at the office during rehearsal.

Extenuating circumstances

There may be instances in which a funeral or memorial service needs to take place. Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate recitals, but funerals and memorial services must take precedence over recitals. If this should occur, we will work with you to reschedule your event, changing time and/or date.

Guest Wifi

Wifi is available in the building. Information will be provided to you once your event is scheduled.

Should you have specific questions or need assistance outside of office hours, please contact our Acting Director of Music, Dr. Lara West at 254-592-5313, or our Administrator, Larry Conrad, 817-228- 3430.

Requested Donation

Trinity requests a $175 donation for facility use. This fee includes a staff liaison to assist at your event. Please make checks payable to “Trinity Lutheran Church” and designate the use in the memo field. Donations may be mailed or dropped of at the church office before or on the date of the scheduled event. If there is a severe financial hardship for the donation, please contact Dr. Lara West to discuss the situation.

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