Curious about how to connect with others at Trinity, how to feel known and to know others better? Want to dig into Scripture with new friends and share life together in the faith? Here’s an opportunity! For singles, couples, those with or without kids, and people of all ages and stages. Are you interested? Sign up with the button at the top of the page!

What do groups do?

Life Together Groups meet about twice a month (each group determines its best rhythm). Groups share stories, read Scripture, and pray together. The heartbeat of a Life Together Group is the encouragement everyone gives to one another as people share life’s joys, even struggles, and constantly point one another to God’s grace in Jesus.

Some groups share a simple meal or dessert when they get together. Most groups find themselves doing an occasional outing just for fun. Life Together Groups are great ways to plug into serving others also.


Who are Life Together Groups for?

Life Together Groups are for singles, couples, those with or without kids, and people of all ages and stages. Some groups with kids have kids as a part of what they do together. Sometimes groups bring a babysitter and have the kids do their own thing.


How often do groups meet?

Each group determines its rhythm and schedule. Most groups gather twice a month, most of the time in the evening. Some meet in the morning.


What’s in the name: Life Together?

Life Together with one another and with Jesus — that’s what we’re about at Trinity. We call ourselves, a “Community Following Jesus.” Life Together is all about nurturing a community that does just that!


How do I get involved?

Are you interested?  Sign up today!

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