Coming in May!

One of the hardest things to do before worship is to try and take attendance. Since the pandemic hit, the pastors have been responsible for doing their best to track who was in worship. We as a church do this, in order to help shepherd the flock of God’s people – to check in with them when they have gone missing and care for their spiritual needs. 
Starting in the month of May, we will be introducing a new method of taking attendance. At the inside end of each church row there will be a pew packet with an assortment of documents. One document will be the pre-pandemic attendance card that you can fill out in pencil or pen and turn in to either the offering plate in the back of the church or when you come forward for communion. Another document will have a QR code in the middle of it that can be scanned and will take you to a new Trinity Digital Pew Card. With the Digital Pew Card you will be able to:

Register attendance

Register visitor attendance

Give online

Make a prayer request

View the eNews announcements

This digital pew card will make it easier and faster to manage attendance behind the scenes in the church office.
We encourage you to try it out!

If you have questions, please seek out a member of the staff and they will do their best to guide you through this process… or ultimately refer you to Gretchen (depending upon their level of expertise).  
We hope this process will be a new and smoother way of tracking attendance and staying in touch with you!
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