Building Use Policy

General Information

Document Updated: March 2021

We want to use our facilities for benefit of the community. Priority will be given as follows:

  1. Church services, rehearsals, ministry groups
  2. Church members
  3. Outside groups

Expectations of users in our facilities:

  • Smoking, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, and weapons are not permitted.
  • Children are to be under strict control of parents at all times.
  • Users are expected to leave the building reasonably clean and in the same condition it was prior to the event. The user will be responsible for damage done to church property.
  • Users are prohibited from using any musical and sound/AV equipment without prior approval of Music Director, Administrator or Senior Pastor.
  • Please use recyclable materials whenever possible.
  • Funerals will always take precedence over scheduled room usage.
  • All decorations must be in accordance with city fire and safety regulations. Please remove decorations immediately following your event unless agreed upon in advance with the church office.

Non-Church sponsored events that are supported by church members:

The church member that is coordinating the event will take primary responsibility and accountability for all facility operations. While our automated systems for HVAC and Door Lock will be employed, there are other facility considerations which the member will be accountable for:

  • All exit doors secured – Education wing as well as primary entrance. If the crash bars are “locked open” you must release the crash bars to secure the building
  • All lights must be turned off
  • Must return all furniture to the condition and placement you found it (The church may provide room set-up support if documented on the Event Information Form)
  • AV Support fees may be assessed – Contact the Office Supervisor or Administrator for specifics

Outside Groups that have no church member support:

All users of our building are subject to the above minimum expectations. In addition, a fee structure will be based on event time and space usage.



Effective July 10, 2014

In order to offer the facility to community groups, Trinity assesses fees to cover the cost of utilities, janitorial services and administration. Those groups that are not affiliated with Trinity would be assessed room fees based upon the following schedule:

One meeting room
4 hours for $300

Each additional room
4 hours for $75

Additional time
4 hours for $75/room

Sanctuary AV Support Audio
$75 per 2 hour event increment

$50 per 1 hour event increment

To Reserve Space

Please complete an Event Request Form. If your event requires detailed room setup, please complete a hard copy form and include a detailed sketch of your requested room set-up. Please provide as much detail as possible on the form to assist us in adequately preparing for your event. We use some of this information to make sure the building is unlocked and to pre-program the thermostats in the building for your event.

Please note that submitting this form does not guarantee that your event will be scheduled. This form is a convenient tool that helps you communicate your request to the staff. The final decision on scheduling events is still overseen by the office staff. You will be contacted if there is any reason your event will not be able to be scheduled as requested.

We pre-program HVAC for your event. Please be sure to include an “end time” to your event.


Room Capacities


Sanctuary – up to 320 people

Office Conference Room – 12 people or less

Columbarium – 6-20 people

Adult Lounge  – 8-30 people

Heritage Room – 10 people or less

Fellowship Hall  – up to 250 (chairs only)

Kitchen Annex – 20 people or less

Room 101 – 12 people or less

Room 102 – 8 people or less

Room 200  – 15 people or less

Room 201 – 20 people or less

Room 204 – 20 people or less

Room 205 – 15 people or less

Worship Center – up to 200

*Large groups of 25 or more may be able to use the lower level common area, or the upper level worship area depending on availability and set-up needs.

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