We are thrilled to share the latest exciting updates on the progress of the Shawnee campus expansion, and we sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and understanding as we embark on this transformative journey.


1. Footing Depth Challenges and Structural Adjustments:

We recently faced challenges related to footing depth due to existing bedrock. Our dedicated team of structural engineers has worked tirelessly to address these issues, making necessary adjustments after careful excavation.

2. Plumbing and Electrical Work Underway:

The rough-in plumbing and electrical work beneath the slab are nearly complete. We are delighted to announce that the concrete slab is scheduled to be formed on Tuesday, 2/20, with pouring set for Wednesday, 2/21.

3. Concrete Slab and Temporary Sidewalk:

If all goes as planned, the concrete will be cured enough to reinstall the temporary sidewalk, allowing access for weekend services.

4. Improved Parking Lot Access:

Following the completion of the concrete slab, adjustments to the chain-link fence around the parking lot will be made to improve access to the building.

5. Main Plumbing Connection:

As part of the rough-in process, the main plumbing exit (sewer line) has been successfully connected to the building.

6. Steel Framing and Existing Building Wall:

After the curing of the slab, we will commence with the steel framing. The existing building’s south wall will not be demolished until most of the new construction area is enclosed. Small openings in the existing wall will facilitate the attachment of new steel framing to the existing structure.

7. Upcoming Changes to Current Main Entrance:

In the coming weeks, we anticipate construction activities at the current main entrance. Our goal is to have the new entrance sufficiently advanced to allow members to enter and exit before closing the current entrance.

This project is truly exciting! Our goal is to better serve our members and provide a facility that meets our expanding ministry needs.

For any questions or concerns, please reach out to Brian Daniel at Brian@tlcms.org or 913-432-5441. Brian is here to assist you and address any inquiries you may have. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through these construction phases. Your continued support and enthusiasm are vital as we work towards creating a more vibrant and accommodating space for our growing community.
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