Lenten Devotionals

Elemental Roots of the Sacraments

Abundant Mercy

You are invited to dive deeper into knowing and experiencing God’s abundant mercy this Lent. With scripture, stories and reflections, prayer, plus discussion starters and activities, this down-to-earth devotional offers families a page-a-day guide to daily inspiration. Author Claire McGarry shares relatable examples of how we can teach our family to receive mercy and to extend it to others.



For Families

Elemental Roots of the Sacraments

Drawn to the Cross

Draw near to Christ through daily Lenten contemplation of his personal and infinite devotion to you.  Excerpts from Henri Nouwen’s inspiring insights are paired with original reflections and prayers in this booklet for each day of Lent, as we come to understand more deeply the meaning of the cross in terms of humility, service and sacrifice.


For Adults

The Gospel of Matthew Bible Study

Lent Is on the Way Calendar

This Lenten calendar provides brief, spiritual reflections for each day. Through Bible verses and simple calls to action, this informative calendar compares our Lenten journey to a high-seas adventure, helping teens express their faith in beautiful, sharable ways.


For Junior and Senior High Youth

11am Bible Study

It’s a Glorious Mystery

Hidden clues guide the way throughout the season of Lent as children seek out God’s plan for salvation: a plan that promises forgiveness of sins and life everlasting for all those who believe. The images and messages children find will help unravel the mystery of God’s great plan for our salvation.

The Mystery Decoder Glasses included with each book will help children discover the Bible verse and devotion for the day and reveal the daily clue mentioned in the devotional poem. When Easter arrives, the mystery is solved as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. 


For Young Families

The Gospel of Matthew Bible Study

Witnesses to Christ

This Lenten series paints a stunning portrait of Jesus through the eyes of the saints and villains in Christ’s Passion in St. John’s Gospel. John tells us he wrote his Gospel: “so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name” (John 20:30–31).  This Lent, strengthen your faith using the witness of those who were present as part of Jesus’ journey to the cross.



For Adults

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