First Four Weeks of October
All Worship Services
Multiple Small Group Bible Classes

There is exciting news coming to Trinity this Fall! October 2nd kicks off a combined sermon and Bible study series focused on the book Loved and Sent by Jeff Cloeter.
We’ve designed this series in two four-week units. The first unit in the series is scheduled from October 2 through October 23 and we will focus on the theme “Loved.”  The second unit will follow in the new year from January 22 through February 12 and focuses on the “Sent” theme.
Each week the sermon will present a topic and weekly Bible studies will guide continued reflection. Make your plans to join or start a Bible study and delve into God’s Word.
This study is a wonderful opportunity to live out our church’s vision of: UP —>  IN —> OUT
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to one of the pastors and they can help clarify anything for you.

Weekly Readings

Week 1:  pp. 11-28

Week 2: pp. 31-62

Week 3: pp. 63-78

Week 4: pp. 79-104

Small Group Bible Studies

Shawnee Men’s Group 6:30pm Wednesday nights Shawnee Campus Steve Bialek
Adult Lounge 9:45am Sunday morning Mission Campus Susie Schram
Heritage Room 9:45am Sunday morning Mission Campus Amy Holsapple
Office Conference Room 9:45am Sunday morning Mission Campus Marsha Fassold
Fellowshipmates 7pm Tuesday evenings Offsite David Teefey
Online 6:30pm Monday evenings Online Tom Van Duzer
Pastor Jacob Small Group 9pm Thursday evenings Offsite Luke Jacob
Pastor Schulz Small Group 7:15pm Tuesday evenings Offsite Mark Schulz
Pastor Cook Small Group TBA Offsite Phil Cook
Confirmation Parents 6:30pm Sunday evenings Shawnee Campus Dean Schempp
Shawnee Women’s Group 6:30 pm Wednesday nights Shawnee Campus Mary Shepker
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