As college students across America head back to campus in the coming weeks, let us as a church, as parents, as friends, be praying for them. I hope you find this 30 day prayer guide to be a helpful and encouraging tool.

From the Author

Dear Parent of a College Student,
As your child goes through their college years, we want to encourage and equip you to be in prayer for your child. We know that college students are bombarded every day with temptations, struggles, challenges, and things that try to get them to find their identity in just about anything BUT who God has created them to be in Christ. We also know that prayer is one of our most powerful tools against Satan and we pray that this 30 day guide will help you fight for your son or daughter in prayer!
Blessings on the journey!
In Christ,
Rebekah Freed
Director of High School and Young Adult Ministries
First Trinity Lutheran Church – Tonawanda NY
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