We Pray

Almighty and loving God, we lift our thoughts and words to You in prayer knowing that You will listen and understand our hearts.


We Pray

Honor and glory are Yours for the love and patience You have shown in sustaining, blessing, and protecting us during the pandemic. We have seen Your majesty in the beauty and power of nature, marveling that the sun and stars rise and set all at Your command and Your gift of life continues. You have been there with every breath, keeping Your promise to cherish us as beloved children. What a joy to call You “Father” and praise You as Lord over all.


We Pray

Examine our thoughts, Lord, and help us to be mindful of our responses to this earthly life. The human spirit has been tested with uncertainty and yet You give us an ability to adapt to the changes in health, isolation, society, and relationships and strengthen our trust in You. Holy Spirit, lead us in our choices in reacting to the world so that our actions will display Your abiding love and care.

Asking for help is humbling but we know You desire to hear the troubles and concerns both for ourselves and others. We have turned to You, seeking knowledge and humor in embracing the change in reaching out to each other and marvel at the power of technology to communicate. The inability to gather to support each other in grieving or celebrating saddened us, but You were there and provided new ways to encourage each other.

Requesting help in prayer has included all who have experienced hardships whether physical, financial, mental, or spiritual and many continue with needs. Comforting Spirit, continue to bring hope and mercy to the heartbroken and discouraged and help us to be there in opportunities to serve.


We Pray

Thank you, Lord. These are simple and sincere words to express appreciation but feel inadequate when praying to the God who has blessed and sustained us on this difficult journey. The last year has been especially challenging and yet here we are reflecting on those months and acknowledge Your gift of our every breath. Holy Spirit, please feel the gratefulness in our hearts and help our lives to demonstrate the joy of receiving Your love.

We love You, Lord, and pray in Jesus’ name.



Joan Davidson





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