Unfortunately, the biggest news is that one of our committee members, Carisa Marovec, has stepped away from the committee due to personal circumstances. That is disappointing because of her experience and because in the short time we worked with her, she was clearly a significant contributor. Her participation will be sorely missed. We are now in process of identifying a replacement for her.

Other than that, not much has changed from the last update, with the Call Committee continuing its work on the Congregational Self Evaluation Tool. We hope to have that completed soon, at least with the information the committee can provide, before we mete it out for the input of others, like the Executive Committee.

As always, should you have questions or input for the committee, please feel free to engage with any of the committee members. Your continued prayers for our church will be greatly appreciated, praying that we quickly recognize the person God has already chosen to lead us in our effort to expand His kingdom.

June 22 Update

The Divine Call Process
As you’ve seen from recent emails and eNews articles, the Senior Pastor Call Committee is in full swing. There is still time for you to nominate potential candidates via the Pastor Nomination Form. And we have also asked you for the characteristics you think we want and need in a senior pastor. The characteristics will feed into the Congregational Self-Evaluation Tool (C-SET) that we provide to the District President.
The C-SET helps the District President cull names from his database that he feels will possibly meet our needs. At some point, your input will be sought for the C-SET.
In the meantime, the Call Committee continues working on the C-SET, inputting information we have at hand and forwarding questions to others in the church, such as the Executive Committee, for their input.
While this process is going on, please pray for us. By “us” I mean not just the Call Committee, but our church. Pray that we quickly recognize the person God has already chosen to lead our church so that we can carry on with the business of expanding His kingdom. Should you have any questions about the call process or our proceedings, please engage with any of the Call Committee members.

The Call Committee

Steven Bialek

Pastor Phil Cook

Gloria Garrelts

Steve Henslee

Amy Holsapple

Pastor Luke Jacob

Pastor Phil Cook

Carisa Marovec

DCE Beth Stephens

DCE Rhonda Synovec

David Teefey

June 15 Update

The Divine Call Process
The call committee convened for the first time on Wednesday, June 7. After getting acquainted with each other, we planned next steps for developing the information we are to submit to the District regarding the call, as outlined by President Panzer at the May 24 Pre-Call Meeting.
You should have already seen one of those steps, the request for senior pastor nominations from you. Such nominations may be submitted as described in last week’s eNews.
Another step is to request of you the characteristics in a senior pastor that you think are most important as we consider our candidates. A checklist for this will be broadcast to you in similar fashion as the pastor nomination form, if not within this eNews then next week.
A final piece of information is the Congregational Self Evaluation Tool (C-SET), on which the call committee is currently working. Be on the lookout for opportunities to provide your input on this in the weeks ahead. The pastoral characteristics and the C-SET are what inform the District as to potential candidate names they might provide us.
As questions arise about the call process, please contact or approach any of the call committee members. Pictures of each member are provided below. About half attend services at the Shawnee site with the other half, obviously, at the Mission site. Chairman Steve Henslee is rotating his worship attendance among all the services to increase his accessibility during this time.
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