by Roselea Nellis

One cannot help but wonder about the man Barabbas.
Was he actually an example that was set before us?
After all, he was the first to have Christ die in his place.
Was he perhaps a symbol of God’s life saving grace?
It was Barabbas who deserved to die
As a guilty sinner, such as you and I,
But an innocent Jesus was willing to face
The tortuous cross and take Barabbas’ place.
Barabbas rightfully should have died.
Barabbas deserved to be crucified.
But that man freely walked away,
Escaping death on that dreadful day.
The Lamb of God was the sacrifice,
He paid the ransom. He paid the price.
It was His body that hung on the tree,
His blood that flowed for Barabbas and me.
We, too, like Barabbas, have been set free,
Given life, not death, for eternity.
Thanks be to God! Our salvation is won,
A gift from our God, through His only Son.
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