Senior Ministry

Intentional Ministry for Seniors

At Trinity Lutheran Church in Mission and Shawnee, Kansas, we have started a Senior Ministry focused on the spiritual, health, and resource care of seniors. Trinity has a growing number of seniors who are living longer and trying to live active and useful lives. In the 1950s the Lutheran Church saw and acted upon a need to provide dedicated leadership in ministering to our youth. At Trinity we are trying to take that model and make an added emphasis on seniors.

Our approach is three pronged. We look to the spiritual well being of our members and community with Bible classes, involvement in worship services, service projects, and calls on the homebound. We look to your health needs by offering experts on issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, housing choices when it is time to leave your home, home safety and security, and county programs aimed specifically at assisting seniors. We try to help with resource and legal issues, offering talks about wills, trusts, and advance directives, and speakers from the Social Security Administration.

In addition we offer fun activities such as a presentation of a Martin Luther one-man play and sponsoring a bus to a performance of Handel’s Messiah. We also offer to our seniors the opportunity to leave a video  record of their faith journey with our Legacy talks.

We believe that God’s children are created for the honorable purpose of serving our great Triune God. What we are able to do physically may change, but as God’s children we still have the calling to serve. It is important that our churches find opportunities to do the Spirit’s work. Age should not change who we are and our desire to discern His Will. It is always an honor to serve Him.


  • Regular Sunday morning Bible Classes
  • 50+ Bible Study on Wednesdays at 10:15am, September through May
  • Worship service involvement
  • Service projects
  • Legacy talks

Health and Wellbeing

Trinity offers a monthly speaker series that provides helpful information on topics relevant to seniors, including:

  • Housing choices
  • Safety and security
  • County services
  • Health issues


Come and have fun with our Seniors! Fellowship is our forte! Through the Senior Ministry and the 50+ Bible study group, there are parties throughout the year, special guest entertainers, and bus trips to events.

What's the latest?

Retirement Workshop – May 6

Saturday, May 6, 9am-noon Mission Campus On Saturday, May 6, Trinity Lutheran Church is offering a workshop for newly retired people and those are looking forward to retirement in the next few years. The time leading up to retirement and the first few years of...

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Hospice Care Presentation – March 10

Friday, March 10, at 2pm Mission Campus Sanctuary Do you have questions about hospice care, who is eligible, how it is paid for, and what it entails? On Friday, March 10, at 2pm Trinity Lutheran Church will offer an opportunity to learn more about this caring service....

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Senior Ministry 2017 – A Year of Vibrancy

What a wonderful group of fun-loving, motivated, and active children of God Trinity has! Our members sixty and older give freely of their time and treasure. Did you know that at least 21 of our weekend readers and communion servers, and 33 of our greeters and welcome...

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50+ Chili Lunch – February 22

Wednesday, February 22 | 11:30am Mission Campus Fellowship Hall Cost is $6 50+ will be having their annual Chili Luncheon on Wednesday, February 22, at approximately 11:30 am following their normal Bible study at 10:15 am at the Mission campus. Bible Study will be in...

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Whimsical Mystery Dinner – March 25

This event has been rescheduled to March 25. Saturday, March 25 3-5 pm Mission Fellowship Hall On Saturday January 14 Linda and Bill Guerry will help host a mystery dinner. All Trinity people age sixty or better are invited. A mystery dinner is a delicious meal served...

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As you age you gain life experiences that you may wish to share with others. The Legacy project being offered by the Senior Ministry will give seniors a vehicle to accomplish this. Legacy interviews are approximately 20 minutes in length, facilitated by an interviewer, which will provide you with a vehicle to record your life of faith and faith stories, lessons and views, to be given to family and loved ones. Faith stories will be recorded on a DVD and then given to you.

The Legacy project is designed not to give a biography of your life, but to offer insights as to what makes you unique, offering a deeper understanding of who you are and whose you are. Biographical stories will undoubtedly come into play but should be given as support to what has caused you to believe what you do and how that has materialized in your life. With some preparation, the interview can aid you in reviewing your life and evaluating where you are in your faith walk. It can also aid our church members in knowing each other better. The Legacy diary is similar in purpose to the Legacy interviews. There are things you can do in written form that time constraints may limit in the recorded interview. There is no length restrictions to the diary. It may also be possible to include a few photographs.

Leave your legacy. Tell your loved ones who you are and whose you are.

Trinity Senior Ministry is providing a unique service to seniors: recording your faith legacy for loved ones. Interested seniors can record their thoughts in the form of a 20-minute video. You are also invited to write a diary of your faith journey, which Trinity will produce. Either or both are available to Trinity seniors.

You are welcome to make your own questions as long as they pertain to you and your faith journey. The following are possible questions to be used. Try to budget your time so that you can be sure to have a recording that gives the message you want to send. Life experiences can be helpful but don’t let them take up all your time. Grab a sheet of paper and jot down some notes.

  • How did you come to your Christian faith? As a child? As an adult? Through marriage? Other? Explain.
  • Was there anyone or any institution that was especially instrumental in you becoming a Christian?
  • How would you explain the essence of your faith to your loved ones?
  • How has your faith been important in your life?  Perhaps a few examples would be good.
  • In what ways do you feel God has made good use of you?
  • Tell of an especially moving or life changing moment in which faith played an important role.
  • What is the message you would like your loved ones to remember from this talk?


Legacy Diary

Those writing the diary will be responsible for the final written and edited text put in an electronic document that can be sent to the church office. Trinity staff will not be responsible for editing the copy. We encourage family members to share in the writing of these diaries for those who consider this a challenge. It can serve as an additional bonding time. In some cases it may be possible to include a few photographs. Trinity will take it from there. There is a minimal cost for the booklet to cover paper and printing expenses. We expect that to be less than $2 per copy. You may have as many copies as you like. The questions provided for the Legacy interview may be used a guide for your diary. Enjoy reviewing your journey.

You will receive a DVD of your interview with rights to make as many copies as you wish for loved ones. You may receive as many copies of your diary as you wish.

The cost for the DVD is completely free. Free will donations to offset costs are always accepted. The cost of the diary is minimal and less than $2 per booklet.


Interviews will be approximately 20 minutes long and will be facilitated by an interviewer. There is no limit to the length of the diary.