10:15am Wednesdays
Mission Campus Fellowship Hall
Led by Pastor Ron

“The Word of God continued to increase and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly. . .” That’s how the author of what we call the “Book of Acts” or “Acts of the Apostles” describes the original church growth movement, the planting and growth of the early church. This will be the subject of our 50+ Bible study group for the season. We find that the title of this book (not by inspiration, but added later) is something of a misnomer. From beginning to end it is actually the Holy Spirit who is acting through the preaching and teaching of God’s people, just as it always is. It is the Spirit of Jesus who is present, calling, gathering, enlightening and sanctifying his people through the proclaimed Word about Jesus. The Bible study will once again led by Pastor Ron. Thereafter we will meet each We will take time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas, concluding on the last Wednesday of April, 2024.
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