Autumn 2019 Classes and Experiences

Sunday Mornings Mission Campus

Elemental Roots of the Sacraments

Old Testament Essentials

The Old Testament feels foggy to many. Some know a few of the stories, but it may be difficult to say why the OT is important for our journey as Christians. By studying the Old Testament, participants will explore the Old Testament in a conversational study format which gives space for interaction with the OT. We will use Tremper Longman’s Old Testament Essentials published by InterVarsity Press. Class goals are the following:

  • For the participant to read the overarching Old Testament narrative.
  • For the participant to grow in seeing how the OT points to Jesus.
  • For the participant to dialog over the diverse topics (which can be hard to work through) in a group setting. 
  • For the participant to assemble thoughts on why the Old Testament is an essential part of the Christian narrative.

Participant books will be made available for purchase at Trinity, or participants can purchase their own elsewhere. 



Sunday | 9:45am | Fellowship Hall | Begins Sept. 8 | Taught by Pastors

Elemental Roots of the Sacraments

Conference Room Bible Study

This group digs to the depths of the Bible and enjoys rich conversation.


Sunday | 9:45am | Conference Room | Taught by Deacon Rik

The Gospel of Matthew Bible Study

The New Testament We Never Knew

It’s a study that looks at the historical development of the New Testament letters and writings. It looks at when they were written and into what circumstances. It culminates in weaving this together into a presentation of how these letters came to be chosen and used as the New Testament. Come enjoy the study and conversation!

Sunday | 9:45am | Adult Lounge | Ongoing

11am Bible Study

11am Bible Study

This group explores books of the Bible in a very prayerful way. Conversation is rich and everyone in the group feels blessed by the experience. Come feel this blessing too!


Sunday | 11am | Adult Lounge | Ongoing

Sunday Mornings Shawnee Campus

The Gospel of John Bible Study

Who We Are as God’s People

Together, we’ll biblically study the values we share at Trinity. We’ll explore how the values we have and the life of discipleship weave together. Come join us!

Sundays | 9:45am | Worship Center | Taught by Pastor Phil

Psalms Bible Study

Financial Peace University

Talk to any of the pastors to learn more about how to participate in FPU. More information can be found here.

Sundays | 9:45am | Pastor Phil's Office | Sept. 8 - Oct. 13

Groups for Women

How to Get More from the Bible Bible Study

Wednesday Women’s Bible Study

A new topic begins on September 4, but join anytime! We meet from 9:30-11:15 each week with childcare available. The ladies will be finishing our Psalm 23 study during the month of September and starting a new one in October. Please feel free to contact Julie von der Linden with any questions: 913-631-1856 or at


Wednesdays | 9:30am | Worship Center| Shawnee Campus

Acts of the Apostles Bible Study

Saturday Women’s Bible Study

“Humanity does not live by bread alone!” You’re invited to join us for lunch and Bible study at the Mission Campus Conference Room. Jim Tichenor will guide our conversation on The Acts of the Apostles. Bring a lunch!

Saturdays | 9pm | Adult Lounge | Mission Campus

How to Get More from the Bible Bible Study

Monday Morning Women’s Bible Study

The 50+ Seniors group is all about friendship, community, and spiritual nourishment. Along with wonderful fellowship gatherings, this fall Pastor Ron will be teaching us “Getting More out of Your Bible Reading.”  This will include introductions to different kinds of writing in the Bible (literary style) and to the sections and books of the Bible.  There will be Bible readings throughout. Contact Iva Schlatter for more info. Begins September 14 with a Fall Kickoff Meeting. Class begins September 21.


Mondays | 9:30am | Adult Lounge | Mission Campus

Groups for Men

How to Get More from the Bible Bible Study

Men’s Tuesday Night Bible Group

It is an opportunity for men to grow closer to God and to strengthen each other in the faith. The group is led by Al von der Linden. On September 10 we will begin a five-week study of Jesus’ definition of eternal life using a video series by John Ortberg titled “Eternity Is Now in Session.” In this study, John reveals Jesus’ definition of eternal life and explains how we can experience rich fellowship with God every day.



Tuesdays | 6:45pm | Shawnee Campus

FellowshipMates Bible Study

Men’s Bible Study

You’re invited to our Men’s Bible Study. We enjoy studying the depths of things and have good conversation. Contact for more info.


Thursdays | 7am | Pegah's Family Restaurant in Shawnee

How to Get More from the Bible Bible Study

Tuesday Morning Men’s Bible Study

This group meets every other Tuesday. Contact Pastor Ben ( for more info.



Tuesdays | 7am | First Watch on Shawnee Mission Parkway

For Young Adults

FellowshipMates Bible Study

FellowShipmates (Young Adults)

This group meets primarily at the Mission Campus, but periodically in other places throughout the city. You’re invited! We enjoy hanging out and good conversation. We meet every other week for Bible study and friendship. We also strive to have at least one social / community service event per month and try to plan those as a group so all interests are met. The group welcomes all young adults, roughly ages 18-30 – singles, couples, and married adults.

Every other Thursday | 7pm | Heritage Room

For Senior Adults

FellowshipMates Bible Study

50+ Bible Study Group

Along with wonderful fellowship gatherings, this year’s 50+ Bible Class will begin a study entitled, “Christ – the Power of God and the Wisdom of God: Issues for God’s People Today, 1 and 2 Corinthians,” taught by Pastor Ron Flentgen. For our 50+ Bible Study group we will be taking an in-depth look at Paul’s two letters to the Corinthians. These two letters of Paul provide a wider scope of subjects than any of his other letters to churches and individuals and, in many ways, they remain relevant issues for all of God’s people today. In a way, as we work through these epistles, we are listening in on somebody else’s mail, written as they were to address problems among the Corinthians; but by inspiration they speak to us as well, both individually and as a Christian congregation. Contact Deacon Tom Perry about the 50+ Group and many other activities for Trinity Senior Adults (



Wednesdays | 10:15am | Fellowship Hall | Begins September 18

Life Together Groups

FellowshipMates Bible Study

Life Together Groups – Small Groups

There are several Life Together Groups at Trinity. These groups form periodically throughout the year. Contact Pastor Ben ( if you’re interested in joining a Life Together Group or would like to start one in your area of the city. 

Various times and locations| Ongoing

Online Classes and Conversations

Most of the experiences and classes below are designed around people going at their own pace.
Most will share a once-a-week letter, “lesson,” or concept for you to work through on your own time.

FellowshipMates Bible Study

Seasons and Traditions: Marking Time and Living the Story

An online sharing of concepts where Pastor Ben shares about the essence of current and upcoming seasons in the church year and shares experiences that might help you and your family to slow down and attend to the deeper story. These are traditions that Ben and Jenny are weaving into the fabric of their own home. Contact Pastor Ben ( for more information.

Begins Mid-September | Led by Pastor Ben

FellowshipMates Bible Study

Following Jesus: Finding Purpose and Direction in Uncertain Times

An online exploration of the topic that is go-at-your-own-pace. It will be a guided study of a newly released book by Henri Nouwen, a favorite theologian of Pastor Ben. Contact Pastor Ben ( for more information.


Begins in October | Led by Pastor Ben

FellowshipMates Bible Study

Experiencing Scripture: Learning to Truly Read and Be Read by the Word

This will be a six-week class experience (go at your own pace, with the option of pastoral dialog) that focuses on the art of reading the Bible. If you’ve never had much of a Bible reading habit, maybe this will help. Or if you’ve lost the old habit, maybe you’ll find a hint of encouragement here. This class will guide you along in the art of prayerful reading. Contact Pastor Ben ( for more information. 

Begins Mid-September | Led by Pastor Ben

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