Fall Bible Study Lineup - Mission Campus

A Community Following Jesus: Bible Studies

By Vicar Ben Vineyard

A “Community Following Jesus” is a community living life together. Spiritual life is nourished by the presence of others. We need one another and the conversation and consolation in life and faith.

A goal for this year is to encourage a “firsthand spirituality.” That is: studying and applying the Scriptures together, experiencing relational openness, and living out our discipleship in the communities in which God has placed us.

To further establish this, we at Trinity are going to form Life Together groups beginning this fall. These will be groups that study the Bible together, share life and stories, and keep an eye out for needs they can address in their communities.

If you’re interested, write Vicar Ben Vineyard.

Here’s a list of ongoing studies for your spiritual nourishment:

Elemental Roots of the Sacraments

Elemental Roots of the Sacraments

What did the sacraments mean to the first believers? What influenced their belief? What do we believe today about the sacraments? Come join our conversation on the origin of our sacraments. We’ll study the meanings within the sacramental elements and explore what the first believers in Jesus would have experienced and believed. The hope for this conversation is to deepen our appreciation of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism and to see a wider salvation narrative at work through them. Led by Ben Vineyard, Chris and Laura Pace. Begins September 11.


Sunday | 9:45am | Lounge | Begins Sept. 11

Elemental Roots of the Sacraments

Study of Martin Luther, Part 3

The Mission Campus Prayer Chapel Bible Class which meets on Sundays at 9:45am is resuming a study of Martin Luther on Sunday, September 4.  The study is based on a series of “Great Courses” video lectures, followed by class discussions. This third, and final, set of eight video lectures will examine Luther’s views on several topics including the Bible, predestination, Protestantism, politics, modernity, etc. All are welcome to participate in this class. Contact Wayne Meyer for more info.

Sunday | 9:45am | Prayer Chapel | Begins Sept. 4

The Gospel of Matthew Bible Study

The Gospel of Matthew Bible Study

You’re invited into great conversation as we explore the salvation story through the Gospel of Matthew. This group, led by Deacon Rik, loves looking at the details of Scripture, discovering things God was doing then and is doing now.

Sunday | 9:45am | Conference Room | Ongoing

11am Bible Study

11am Bible Study

You’re welcome to join us in our study of Scripture. We enjoy friendship, conversation, and exploring what God is saying in his Word and doing in our lives. Contact Randi Weber for more info.

Sunday | 9:45am | Prayer Chapel | Begins Sept. 4

The Gospel of John Bible Study

The Gospel of John (Women’s Bible Study)

Our group will be studying the Gospel of John. We enjoy wonderful conversation and spiritual nourishment in our time together. We are a multi-generational group of women who enjoy in-depth exploration of Scripture and cherish Christian community. Conversation is currently led by Vicar Ben Vineyard. Begins September 12.

Mondays | 9:30-11am | Lounge | Begins Sept. 12

Psalms Bible Study

Tuesday Morning Men’s Bible Study: The Psalms

We gather for encouragement in the faith and strong discussion in the Scriptures. We have recently been studying a book on the Psalms by N.T. Wright. Contact Fred Chael for updates or more information.

Tuesdays | 7-8:30am | First Watch on Shawnee Mission Parkway & Nieman | Ongoing

How to Get More from the Bible Bible Study

50+ Seniors Group: Getting More out of Bible Reading

The 50+ Seniors group is all about friendship, community, and spiritual nourishment. Along with wonderful fellowship gatherings, this fall Pastor Ron will be teaching us “Getting More out of Your Bible Reading.”  This will include introductions to different kinds of writing in the Bible (literary style) and to the sections and books of the Bible.  There will be Bible readings throughout. Contact Iva Schlatter for more info. Begins September 14 with a Fall Kickoff Meeting. Class begins September 21.


Wednesdays | 10:15am | Lounge | Begins Sept. 21

Acts of the Apostles Bible Study

Brown Bag Bible Study: The Acts of the Apostles

“Humanity does not live by bread alone!” You’re invited to join us for lunch and Bible study at the Mission Campus Conference Room. Jim Tichenor will guide our conversation on The Acts of the Apostles. Bring a lunch!

Wednesdays | 12:30pm | Conference Room | Ongoing

Apocrypha Bible Bible Study

Men’s Morning Bible Study: Lutherans and the Apocrypha

You’re invited to our Men’s Bible Study. We enjoy studying the depths of things and have good conversation. We’ve studied a lot of canonical Scripture through the years and have become curious about the Apocrypha. We’ll be using Concordia’s Apocrypha study materials as we explore what these “in-between” texts mean for us Lutherans today. We meet every other Thursday morning at
Pegah’s in Shawnee. Contact Deacon Rik Scarborough for more info.


Thursdays | 7am | Pegah's Family Restaurant in Shawnee | Ongoing

FellowshipMates Bible Study

FellowShipmates (Young Adults)

You’re invited to our group! We enjoy hanging out and good conversation. We meet every other week at Trinity’s Mission campus for Bible study and friendship. We also strive to have at least one social/community service event per month and try to plan those as a group so all interests are met.  The group welcomes all young adults ages 18-30 – singles, couples and married adults. Contact Janai Tisdale for more info.


Every other Thursday | 7pm | Heritage Room

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