November 4, 2019
Regarding the Call to Calvary Lutheran Church, Lincoln, NE

Dear Trinity,

I write with gratitude for you. Receiving the call to Calvary in Lincoln has caused me to reflect on the life you and my family have shared over the last ten years. We have grown a lot and have seen wonderful things that God has accomplished among us. 

Such remembrance filled my heart as I deliberated the call. We share such a deep relationship, you and I, and there are many open doors before us. Jenny and I have deeply considered these opportunities. 

As we prayerfully discerned where God would have us be, we received many warm words from you. We are blessed by the conversations. We are encouraged and you have helped us feel spiritually centered through the process.

When we heard about the ministry of Calvary in Lincoln, NE, our hearts were torn. We immediately resonated with their work, their posture, and especially the people who made up their Christian collective. Their ministry connects greatly with our hearts. Our hearts were wounded because we could equally see ourselves staying among you at Trinity or becoming partners in the ministry in Lincoln. 

Through much prayer, silence, and conversation, Jenny and I know where God is leading us to be. Our hearts have become intensely resonant with the call to Calvary in Lincoln and have therefore accepted their call to us. 

We are eager and excited about this new adventure, and we are rather surprised. We are also deeply saddened to leave you, our eyes well with emotion thinking about no longer journeying side by side with you in the life of faith. But we know that Jesus will continue to be your good shepherd, the Spirit will all the more fill your hearts and propel you into needed ministry direction, and the Father will always speak his word of love and embrace to you. 

I will determine a timeline with Pastor Mark of our last weeks with you as your pastor. Though I will no longer be your pastor, I will always be your friend, always someone who grew into himself beneath your love, your care. I will always cherish the journey we shared and anticipate the day when all things are made new. 

May Jesus bless us with peace as you and I enter the new steps of our journey. May our hearts be filled with happy remembrance as well as eager anticipation for what may come.

With much love, much gratitude, and much peace,

Benjamin Vineyard, a pastor among you
Jenny, Jude, Jesse, and Levi also

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