Free Dave Ramsey money management resources available to Trinity members!

With the economic instability in the unprecedented pandemic, and the desire to provide Trinity members with resources to assist with managing personal finances, Trinity has invested in the Ramsey+ program. This program, being offered free to all Trinity members, has a wide variety of financial resources available to you at your fingertips.

Ramsey+ is the most flexible money management program available, offering many options:
• 45-minute crash course
• Comprehensive 8-hour course (Financial Peace University)
• Focus on one financial area
• Easy-to-use apps for your phone
• Teach your children about money
• Radical view of biblical wealth and generosity
• . . . and so much more!

Dave Ramsey’s program has changed the lives of nearly 6 million people! Within the first 3 months of this program, his students on average pay off $5,300 of debt and save $2,700 for emergencies. Marriages have been strengthened and people have been freed to live an abundant life – a life free of financial burdens and conflicts. That is why Trinity invested in these resources.

To learn more and participate in the program, please email Rex Garrelts at or call the Gretchen in the church office at 913-432-5441 or on her cell phone at 913-284-8762.

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