We at Trinity have been blessed to have so many different people assisting in different ways. When including the ushers, acolytes, techies, and data entry people along with the greeters, servers, readers, and Altar guild, the total number of individuals involved in making worship happen can run close to 200 individuals at the Mission campus alone. That does not include teachers and people helping with other activities. Wow! What a blessing and thanks to all who serve!

A special topic that Trinity is addressing this year is how we identify and become motivated to act upon what we see as our purpose and mission as children of God. It is great to see all the involvement we now have. At the same time we should listen to God when He challenges us to do even more. The 25th chapter of Matthew is one of my favorite pieces of Scripture. This is where we read the parable of the talents. Take time to read verse 23. Here the master rejoices with his faithful servant for what he has done. He now will have the opportunity to do even more and they both will share in the master’s happiness.

I rejoice that so many of you keep looking for additional ways to use the gifts God has given you. Even though we may either be retired or close to it, we never retire from being God’s children. It is fulfilling and fun to discover different ways that we can live a life of purpose and to carry out our mission to the world: that of spreading God’s love. We don’t want you to “bite off more than you can chew” but it is good to challenge yourself to see where God leads you. In August we will have a special Senior series presentation where some members will show you different individual ministries in which they are involved. We will also have the chance at the same time to actively work on an in-house mission project. Watch for more details. We, as a staff, are excited to see what paths God will lead you down. Contact us when you are ready to explore what may be possible.


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